I really admire those who want a true, super logo that really expresses themselves and what they do. I think a good logo is more than just an emblem. A good logo summarizes, expresses, shows, and tells something about both our business and ourselves. It keeps us in the right direction. An honest, perfect image is an imperative asset to success. When someone visits a website for the first time, he forms an image of the company itself and the person behind it. (And of course your business/company can receive a complete design: labels, letters, envelopes, facebook design, website banner… whichever you’d like)

Many come to me after they’ve had many logos designed and paid for, but none of them turned out the way they dreamed, so they just had to compromise.

Here, this is out of the question, because your logo will be designed with a secret cooperative technique – by you and me, together -, so your logo will feel entirely your own.
If you’d like the logo of your dreams, contact me at berzsaneszti@gmail.com I’ll reply soon and we’ll discuss every detail! I’m awaiting your e-mail!