I was born on February 20, 1985, Budapest, Hungary


1991-1999 Elementary school art club
1991-1999 Master MS Painting course
1999 First solo art show, Szabó Ervin Gyermekkönyvtár, Budapest
1999-2003 Teleki Blanka Secondary School, art programme
Montázs art school
2002 Concert and art show night, Franz Liszt Academy of Music, Budapest
2003-2004. Private studies
2004-2006 Ornamentalist School, graphics programme
2008 GTB Publishing School, graphics programme

My art teachers: Téglásné Tóth Márta, Kőszegváry Kálmán, Csáji Attila, Csáji Attiláné, Péter Ágnes, Baska József, Rényi Katalin, Ipach Antal, Bánki Ákos.


2016 January Launch of the Eszti Berzsán illustrations Facebook and Instagram page.
2016 October Hajdúböszörmény, art show and sale
2016 December As a judge on Református Szeretetszolgálat’s national children’s art competition.
2017 March Max Mara spring show, live drawing marathon
2017 December RTL Klub, Morning interview
2018 March Solo art show: „Stories of a Star” 2nd birthday and exhibition of Eszti Berzsán Illustrations. Bp. V. ker. Semmelweis u. 2. Retro Puskin Art Café

2018 October Collaborating with Bye Alex, Hungarian singer& song writer, x factor judge. I made Cartoon comics of the 4 judges. Idea: Bye Alex, Graphics: Eszti Berzsán. You can watch my designs on the Instagram of the judges (Gigi Radics, Bye Alex, Laci Gáspár, Peti Puskás)

2018 November 24, Solo art exhibition: ‘Dreamers’, 8 brand new pictures, 8 people, 8 dreams. Bp. V. ker. Sas u. 25. Pecsenyés restaurant exhibition yard, opening event: 24 Nov, 13h, the exhibition was opened for a month. 

2019 January 18, Solo art exhibition: ‘Stories of a Star’, 14 pictures. Óbuda, Nothing Extra and a small garden. The exhibition can be viewed for a month.

2019 March Solo acrylic painting exhibition and 3rd birthday of Eszti Berzsán Illustrations: Puskin Cafe, Budapest, V. ker. Semmelweis u. 2. The exhibition contains 9 new black and white acrylic paintings with plus metal elements and tinsel. The paintings can be seen for a month.

2019 May 16  My first storybook for children: ‘Felícia and the Mermaid-Island’ book is out! This day is the presentation of my own story book. And this is the opening event of the exhibition organized from my book’s illustrations. The book is written and illustrated by me. Budapest, 14th c., Tipegő utca 3-5.

2019 December The first piece of ‘Two Kittens Books’ is out. Title: ‘Christmas for the two Kittens’, full with double colorful pictures. 

2020 April Connecting to the Covid pandemic my newest aciton-story book, ‘Virus Killing Secret Heroes’  is published! Fifty pages, each page is a coloring, playful task, exciting tale that ends with a victory over the virus, that children can experience together with the five little superheroes in the tale. This book is available in English soon! 

2020 August My ‘Midnight Short Stories’ is published, with my fifteen writings illustrated by me. Easy relaxation, with love, spicy, thoughtful, touching short stories.

2020 August Newest coloring book for adults with pictures from my 2021 calendar ‘Forest peace’ is published. 

2020 August The second piece of my ‘Two Kittens Books’ series is arrived, ‘The two Kittens and the baby unicorn’. This is a ball storybook, and I created a coloring book too for this story. 

2020 November ‘All girls are Queen’ coloring book for little ones is published with 16 charming, detail-drawn pages and artistic, antique coloring picture frames. 

2021 COMING SOON: 1. My first great novel. 2. The second book of short stories. 3. A completely reworked, refurbished edition of ‘Felícia on the Mermaid Island’ storybook with double, colorful illustrations. 4. My fairy tale ‘Felícia and the legendary treasure of Pirates’.