I’m Eszti Berzsán, graphic designer and illustrator. I’ve been drawing ever since my childhood, so my choice of university was obvious. I’ve gained a scholarship in art. To me, drawing, illustration, and the will to give is an undying love. It’s a true gift that I can do what I enjoy every moment of doing. I’m always in the process of creation, either designing in my head and imagination, or creating the pictures physically. Everything around me is an inspiration. Travelling in the city, watching the people, I’m filled with the colors, the scents, the lights, I breathe the sensations, and I let it all go through me. Then eventually it’s all reflected on paper. My goal, other than creating ambitious and beautiful illustrations, is to draw and paint beyond reality, telling what only lies in our imagination. The world of fashion is a huge passion of mine. I’m awed by the beautiful and interesting collections, which I love to draw. I have a dream to design clothes as a fashion designer myself, and spread my wings happily in the exciting, colorful world of fashion. By using abstract and expressive paintings, I can express deep emotions and thoughts. The brush and large canvas help me talk without words.
The creativity of children simply amazes me. When I can make the fabulous creatures, strange, mysterious landscapes come to life; I myself am part of their image. I take part in wonderful adventures before drawing them. People often say that looking at my art has my emotion and passion flowing through them, and that my lines are full of life… this makes me extremely happy. To me, this is love.